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15 Jan 2019 9:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

If your trash is ever missed, please contact County Waste at 804-843-9288. You can contact Maria Durbin at but your email will not be received until the following Monday.

Trash delay holidays are normally  New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our normal trash day is Friday so with the holiday will delay it by one day so the pickup will be Saturday but there are occasions where they will stay on schedule, if that happens, we will let you know. Otherwise, it will be a one day delay.

Recycling is now taking place every other Thursday starting July 13th, 2023. Below is a list of acceptable and non acceptable items. Please put your recycling cart at your curb on Wednesday night and return it to your storage area by night fall after it is emptied. Recycling carts should not be visible from the road just like the trash cans.

Trash parameters:

You are able to place up to 5 bags of leaves or yard debris out with their trash service each week.  If there is room in the County Waste trash cart we ask that it is filled prior to placing them on the side.  The bags need to be light enough for the driver to lift into the trash cart so he can dispose of it in the truck.  There is not stipulation between a paper or plastic bag being used.  Bundles of sticks and twigs can be placed out in place of the yard waste bags, again they need to be bundled small enough for the driver to easily place inside the cart so he can dispose of them in the truck.   

They ask that all trash materials are bagged prior to placing inside of the trash can this includes dog waste bags, whether curbside or back door collection. This is to help prevent any type of materials being left behind or animals getting into prior to service. Properly bagging is even more paramount for back door service as the crews do pull bags from inside of the containers. If there are items that are not bagged or not sealed properly they may get left inside of the can as the crew cannot reach down to the bottom of the container.  

accepted and non accepted recycle items

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